Showing Your Home

The following is a list of suggestions that will help during showings to potential buyers.

1. Do your best not to be home. WHY, you ask. Most importantly because many buyers will feel uncomfortable if you are home during the showing. They will nervous about intruding and will not be able to concentrate on getting a feel for the house. If you are unable to head out to a neighbors house or to visit a family member or friend, or even to a local coffee house, try to give the buyer and their agent space, by stepping out to the patio or the front porch. Let the agent do the job of selling your house. They know what their client is looking for. If the agent or buyer ask questions, give a short, honest answer.

2. Lighting: Try to have all lights on and open blinds during showings. Most buyers are looking for a home with a “light and airy” feel. Even during the day, turning on all the lights will give your house a lighter feel than the other homes on the market.

3. Pets: A plan should be worked out for pets and included in MLS showing instructions. Also, it is important to minimize pet odors and fur. Some buyers are very sensitive to odors and dander.

4. Speaking of Scent: An added touch that you can provide is a pleasant smell. This can be achieved by using potpourri or opening a few windows.

5. Remove Trash: Try to make a habit of removing any odorous trash from the house daily and before showings.

6. Temperature: In the winter, keep it cozy and in the summer, keep it cool. Buyers will have a hard time imaging your house as their home if they are uncomfortable.

7. Tidy Up! And finally, on your way out the door before a showing, tidy up a little, if needed.