Real Estate Pismo Beach CA

Located in San Luis Obispo County, California you will find the charming city of Pismo Beach. Half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Pismo Beach is an attractive area for tourist and visitors due to its close proximity to the sandy beaches, numerous local attractions and access to world-class golfing. Some of those visitors and tourist enjoy Pismo Beach so much, that they decided to purchase real estate Pismo Beach CA.

If you’re searching for a beautiful area with uncrowded beaches, walks along the shore or watching Monarch butterflies, this is the place for you! Pismo Beach is located on the Central Coast is an ideal location for hiking, kayaking, and surfing, not to mention the tours and hikes available year round for visitors and residents.

Pismo Beach has a highly rated school system which also makes the area attractive to those with families or looking to raise a family. There seems to be fun for everyone and residents definitely take advantage of what the area has to offer!

Pismo Beach CA Real Estate

If you’re thinking of searching for real estate Pismo Beach CA, consider using the team at Platinum Properties. They have years of experience and knowledge of the area to guide you into the areas you’re looking for and the properties that fit your needs. Other areas to consider looking include Morro bay homes for sale or real estate in Paso Robles. They are also highly sought after areas in San Luis Obispo County. Make an investment in real estate Pismo Beach CA today!

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