Morro Bay Real Estate

Set as a perfect seaside village, Morro Bay is popular to those seeking to live a true outdoor lifestyle by offering a vast array of outdoor activities. Whether you decide to take up kayaking, biking or fishing, there is a little something for each adventurer. With its busy active harbor, it is commonly known to offer some of the best local seafood such as oysters and salmon. Pair your catch of the day with fresh produce and perfectly aged wine from surrounding farms and vineyards. As you can imagine, Morro Bay is the place to be and attracts many visitors year round!

Real Estate in Morro Bay

With a population of approximately 10,500, Morro Bay real estate is highly sought after and has been listed as one of the top beach communities with a median home price of $537,479 (in 2014) according to RealtyTrac. Boasting perfect weather and high air quality, it is no surprise that so many want to invest in Morro Bay real estate to make this charming town a place to call home! Whether you’re looking for a beach estate or a cozy getaway, you’re sure to find something in Morro Bay.

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