Atascadero Land for Sale

Atascadero means “a place of much water” when loosely translated from Spanish. The town was originally home to the Salinas Indians and later between 1769 and 1823 the Spanish Franciscans established 21 missions along the California Coast. While Atascadero has a long and rich history that is lovingly preserved till this day, the town has greatly grown and developed since its inception. The community was founded in 1913 as a planned utopian colony by Edward Gardner Lewis who was a successful magazine publisher from the East. Much of Atascadero is developed and planned out but there is still plenty of

Atascadero Land for Sale

where you can establish a private estate home or business. The land was surveyed and subdivided in the town’s beginning stages and thousands of acres of orchards were planned. The town’s original plan focuses on preservation of open space, protection of trees and hillsides and protecting domestic animals and large lots. This rural community has much to offer to residents including a thriving economy and beautiful Atascadero Homes for Sale.

Land for Sale in Atascadero

If you are in need of a new home in Atascadero, but the current inventory and properties don’t fit your needs then why not create a custom property in your preferred location? Look into the Land for Sale in Atascadero and connect with the real estate experts at Platinum Properties for assistance in securing a plot of land and for more information about the process of building a custom home. Whether you need land in Atascadero or Country Real Estate Paso Robles the Platinum Properties team is here to help you with all of your real estate needs.

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