Lera Butterfield St. Louis



Lera Butterfield St. Louis’ family moved to Paso Robles in the 60’s from Southern California for the same reason she and her husband returned to the area in 2006- quality of life, small town values and a peaceful life. Lera was a REALTOR with a franchise company in Paso in the 80’s and later her husband’s career took them to Central and Southern California. During the 1990’s Lera continued her real estate career and was an educator at Buena High School in Ventura, Cal.

Lera graduated from Paso Robles High School and from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She has an extensive knowledge of the area and based on her travels a true appreciation for the Paso Robles lifestyle and geography. Her interests include family, travel, community service as well as her real estate profession. She brings her personal values of integrity, hard work and perserverance to her job where Lera combines market awareness with vast networking skills among industry professionals.

Lera is a full time REALTOR and as your agent she will keep you informed and up to date on any and all aspects of your transaction in a friendly, honest manner at all times.